Shenzhen University (SZU) was founded as a public university in 1983 with the accreditation of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, and has undergone rapid growth and expansion in the past three decades just like the city of Shenzhen, China’s most successful Special Economic Zone. SZU comprises two campuses, Liyuan campus and Xili campus covering an area of 2.9 square kilometers in total. The Liyuan (Lichee Garden) campus is located on the picturesque coastline of Houhai Bay with 1.44 square kilometers land area, spreading across rolling hills covered with lichee trees and flowers, two lakes, a forest, an abundance of green space and works of art. The new Xili campus now under construction is located in the city’s University Town and takes up 1.46 square kilometers.

SZU has comprehensive disciplines involving 11 disciplines and 80 undergraduate programs such as philosophy, economy, law, pedagogy, literature, history, engineering, medicine, management and art, etc. Especially, SZU has 15 key disciplines at the provincial level, 3 doctoral programs,34 master programs at the first level , 142 master programs at the second level,3 Post-doctoral mobile stations  and 1 Post-Doctoral Research Center.

There are many famous scholars in SZU. Currently, there are 1,960 teachers on campus and about 66.5% of them have gotten Phd. Now, SZU has 7 Academicians including 5 Chinese Academicians (CAS&CAE) and 2 Foreign Academicians, 10 adjunct Academicians, 26 members of “1000-Talents Scheme”, 9 scholars who have won awards from the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, 5 scholars who have won awards from the “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”, 3 members of New Century Millions of Talents Project at national level and 3 chief scientists in the National 973 Academic Program.

SZU, thirsty for talents, warmly welcomes numerous outstanding elites to join us as distinguished professors, associated professors or assistant professors. We’re planning to recruit more than 100 teachers annually in recent years.

A Distinguished professor

1) Eligibility: Candidates of the national “1000-Talents Scheme”, “1000-Young-Talents Scheme”, “Outstanding Youth”, “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” , the chief of National Major Program and the chief of National Key program, professors or associated professors from overseas famous universities and outstanding scholars having fundamental academic influence.
Remuneration: It is yearly payroll for a distinguished professor, about RMB540,000-1,200,000. SZU will provide support in scientific research expenses and laboratory construction fee for a distinguished professor as well as in constructing his academic research team. Especially, Shenzhen local government will give scientific research expenses of RMB1,000,000 – 5,000,000 to a candidate who study such subjects as science, engineering and medicine and are eligible for the Peacock Program. According to Peacock Program and high level talents program, candidates could have subsidies by relevant regulations. For more information about Peacock Plan and high level talents, please visit, and click “policies and regulations” - “high level talents”.

B. Professor, associated professor, assistant professor
SZU warmly welcome oversea scholars who have achieved a Phd degree or have experiences of post-doctoral research and are competent for our positions of professor, associated professor and assistant professor. Excellent candidates will be engaged as professors or associated professors directly by SZU according to their academic achievements.

Remuneration: the annual salary is about RMB400,000 for a professor, RMB300,000 for an associated professor and RMB240,000 for an  assistant professor.
Any professors, associated professors and assistant professors could apply for Liyuan Scholar Plan, Peacock Program or Shenzhen High-Level Talents Program. If any person achieved any of the above plans, he could apply to Shenzhen Government for different subsidies by relevant plans. 
Contact Us
For more information, please visit If you’re interested, please send your CV and relevant materials to relevant officers:
1. For applying Distinguished Professor, please contact with Mr. Ren , 0086-755-26535295
2. For applying Professors, Associate Professors, and assistant professors, please visit and register on line, or contact with Miss Li  0086-755-26536111
(In accordance with the related municipal regulations apply for “Peacock Program” and “Shenzhen High-Level Talents Program”)