College of Optoelectronic Engineering

Founded in 2006, the College of Optoelectronic Engineering is to educate the leaders of next generation in the field of Optoelectronics in China.

Faculty and Staff at The CIOEE are fully dedicated to providing a challenging and enjoyable educational experience in the broad field of Optoelectronics through academic instruction, laboratory exercises, informal events, and networking. An

active international academic exchange and a suitable environment of innovation are created for students as well. The CIOEE currently awards bachelor, masters and PhD degrees in Optical Engineering, Physical Electronics, Electronic Circuit and System, and Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation. Another two undergraduate programs: Optoelectronic Information Engineering and Science and Technology of Optoelectronics will also be available soon in the CIOEE.


The CIOEE currently consists of 10 adjunct professors, 14 associate professors with Optoelectronics and Optics joint appointments in the Institute of Optoelectronics. In addition, 5 post-doctorial scientists carry out advanced research. However, the college will recruit more full-time faculty members during the period of eleven-fifth development plan of SZU.


The College of Optoelectronic Engineering is currently located in the Building of the Institute of Optoelectronics.  

1. Statistics:

2. Programs:

A. Staff: 39
Full time: 36
Professors: 10
Associate Professors: 14
Lecturers: 10
With Doctor's Degree: 17
With Master's Degree: 13
Part-time professors: 3 (professors)

B. Students: 235
Undergraduate Students: 133
Graduate Students:
Other Students: 13

Ph.D Program:
Optical Engineering 
Master's Degree Programs:
Optical Engineering 
Physical Electronics 
Circuits and System 
Undergraduate Programs:
Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments
Optoelectronic Information Engineering
Science of Optoelectronic Technology 



3. Research Labs:

4. Scholarship:

Optical Metrology Lab, Ultrafast Electronics Lab, Biophotonics Lab, 
Packaging Lab, Display technology Lab, Display Device Testing Lab,
Electronics Lab, Ultrafast Equipment Lab, Microscopy Lab,
Laser Applications Lab, Spectral Analysis Lab, Static Test Lab,
X-ray phase contrast Imaging Lab, Optoelectron material and device Lab

Niu Hanben Scholarship
NanTai Scholarship

Exchange and Cooperation:
The College has established Ph.D program cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Contact us:E-mail:
Tel: 86-755-26538561 86-755-26538563
Fax: 86-755-26538580



Undergraduate Programs:
  1. Optoelectronic Information Engineering 
  2. Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments
  3. Photonics Technology and Science (under construction)
Graduate Programs:
I. Physical Electronics
  1. Technology of Photoelectrical Communication
  2. Optoelectronic Material and Device
  3. Micro-nano Technology
  4. Bio-photonics

II. Circuits and System

  1. Digital Control Technology and Application
  2. Image Acquisition and Processing
  3. Signal Inspection and Digital Processing

III. Optical Engineering

  1. Image Information Acquisition and Display Technique
  2. Laser Technique and System
  3. Photon Technology and Devices
  4. Optical Technique and Instrument

I. The opto-electronic devices and system of image information acquiring

II.The opto-electronic devices and system of flat display

III. The GaN based semiconductor opto-electronic material, devices
IV.The Implement of Micro-nanooptics and Micro-nanophonotics

1. Micro Analysis lab

Scanning Electron Microscope
Resolution: 3nm, 4.5nm
Magnification: 18-300,000× (136 level)
Accelerating voltage: 0.3 ~ 30KV
Energy Dispersive resolution: Be(4) ~ U(92)
the range of temperature: -20°C ~   normal temperature
Scanning Probe Microscope System
Resolution: X,Y:0.2nm, Z:0.01nm
Function of measurement: AFM, FFM, DFM, MFM, STM, SMM/KFM, VE-AFM, FFM
Dimension of sample: ø35×10mm
Surface Profile Measurement System & Accessories
Range of measurement: 100Å ~ 1,310KÅ
Resolution: 1Å/65KÅ; 10Å/655KÅ; 20Å/1,310KÅ
Scanning length: 50μm ~ 50mm
Maximum thickness of sample: 45mm
Maximum diameter of sample: 165mm
Micron X.Y.Z. Detector
Resolution: 1μm
Maximum size of sample: 300×400×10mm
3-D Video Microscope
Available pixel: 984×850
Resolution: H>560TVL,V>400TVL, S/N>54
Electronic shutter: AUTO,OFF,1/100 ~ 1/8000
The kind to measurement: distance, area, angle, semidiameter etc.
2. Spectral and optics Measure lab
UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer
Range of wavelength: 175 ~ 3300nm
Precision of wavelength: ±0.08nm(UV/VIS),
Room for sample: 200mm × 200mm
Vacuum UV Monochromator
Optical Tools
Spectra Scan Spectroradiometer
Range of wavelength: 380~700nm
Sensitivity: 0.003Cd/m2
Precision of brightness: ±2%
Precision of spectrum: ±2nm
Precision of chroma: x±0.0015, y±0.001
3. Materials & Devices Analysis lab
Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Inspired light range:200-800nm
Fixation slit width:10nm
Fluorescence, phosphorescence, octilucence and chemiluminescence can be measured by fluorescence spectrophotometer
Laser Raman Spectrograph
Spectrum resolution under the model of green light excitation: ≤0.2 cm-1
Minimum wave number: 5cm-1
Space resolution: 1μm
Data processing: LabSpec software bag, especially applied to the Raman linetype simulation
High Resolution X-Ray Diffractometer
X-ray generator: 3KW
X-ray tube: Cu
Detector: direct ratio detector, energy resolution < 19%
Goniometer:work range of q axis: 0°~150°,0.001°/step
work range of 2q axis: 0°~150°,0.001°/step
Specimen stage:level type,ψ axis: -5°~90°,0.1°/step; φ axis: 360°,0.1°/step
Photoluminescence mapping System
The kind of excitated light: white light, HeCd/325nm laser
Grating: UV300-600;VIS500-11000
Detector:Si 300-1100nm Under the model of white light excitation, the range of spectrum 400-2600nm
Temperature Variable Hall System
Resistance: 10-4Ω·cm ~ 1013Ω·cm    (<±5%)
Carrier mobility: 1cm2/V·s~107cm2/V·s (<±5%)
Carrier concentration: 103cm-3 ~ 1019cm-3 (<±5%)
Magnetic field range: Up to ±14000 gauss
Temperature range: 80K ~ 400K
L-I-V (Laser Diode test System)
Current resolution: 0~1A;10pA
Voltage resolution: 0~200V;10μV
Power resolution: 0~5W;10nW
Detected wavelength range: 190nm-1100nm
Work temperature:-20°C ~ 60°C
Storage temperature:-55°C ~ 80°C
4. Electric signal Measure lab
Logic Analyzer
5 channel module
Sample resolution: 500ps
Maximum sample speed: 400MHz, comprise of 2 102 channel module and 2 136 channel module
Speed of 476 136channel module:200MHz
Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
Plumb resolution: 14Bits
Main Time-Base and magnify Time-Base: 0.5ps/div ~ 5ms/div(0.1ps step)
Precision of time interval: 4ps(interval≥1ns),2.5ps(interval =100ps),1ps(interval≤10ps)
Input impedance5 0Ω
Dynamic Range: 1.0V
Rise time: 7ps
Maximum input voltage: 2.0V
Color Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope (2G)
5. Ultra-short Pulse Laser Source
ps-YAG  Pulse Laser
Femtosecond Laser System
Hanben NIU
Professor and Academician of CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering)BS., TsingHua Univ., Beijing, 1966
Office: 312, Extension: 859, Email:   
Qinlao YANG
Professor, BS.,Peking Univ., Beijing, 1978
Office: 309, Extension: 856, Email:  
Baoping GUO
Professor, MS, Xi’an Insti. of  Opt. Precision  Mech., Chinese Academy of  Sci., Xi’an. Office: 310, Extension: 858, Email:  
Xiang PENG
Professor, PhD, Tianjin University, Tianjin, 1989
Office: 320, Extension: 842, Email: 
Wenda PENG
Professor, MS, Xi’an Insti. of  Opt. Precision  Mech., Chinese Academy of  Sci., Xi’an. Office: 322, Extension: 844, Email:   
Guangyue Chai
Professor, BS, Tsinghua University, P.R. China, 1983.
Office: 338, Extension: 851, Email:   
Zhengcai Xie
Professor, MS, Insti. of  Electronics, Chinese Academy of  Sci., Beijing,1986.
Office: 338, Extension: 851, Email:
Pengju Zeng 
Professor, MS, Nanjing Univ., Nanjing,1992.
Office: 322, Extension: 844, Email: 
Ruisheng Zheng
Professor, PhD, Yamaguchi Univ., Japan, 1999
Office: 332, Extension: 853, Email:  
Jinyuan Liu
Professor, MS,  Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Xi’an, China, 1993
Office: 332, Extension: 853, Email: 
Huanwen Zhang
Professor, BS, Chinese Univ of Sc & Tech, 1963.
Office: 334, Extension: 849, Email:  
Yuncheng Wang 
Professor, BS, Northwest Univ, Xi’an, 1960.
Office: 324, Extension: 845, Email: 
Yuchun Feng
Assosiate Professor, PhD, Xi’an Jiaotong Univ., Xi’an, 1996.
Office: 330, Extension: 847, Email: 
Fengxia Zhang
Assosiate Professor, MS, Xi’an Jiaotong Univ. Xi’an, 1991.
Office: 238, Extension: 854, Email: 
Ziyang Lin
Assosiate Professor,
PhD, Zhongshan Univ., Guangzhou. Office: 336, Extension: 855, Email:  
Ji Li
Assosiate Professor, PhD, Xi'an Insti. of Opt. Precision Mech., Chinese Academy of  Sci., Xi’an,2000.
Office: 324, Extension: 845, Email:  
Wen Liu
Assosiate Professor, PhD, Moscow State University, Russia,2000
Office: 328, Extension: 846, Email:  
Lihong Niu
Assosiate Professor, PhD, Beijing Inst. of  Tech., Beijing, 2003
Office: 336, Extension: 855, Email: 
Shouyong Jing
Associate Professor, PhD, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China, 1998
Office: 328, Extension: 846, Email:
Jinchuan Guo
Assosiate Professor,PhD, Xi’an Insti. of  Opt. Precision  Mech., Chinese Academy of  Sci., Xi’an, 1999.
Office: 324, Extension: 845, Email:  
Zigang Duan
Assosiate Professor, MS, Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech. Wuhan, 1987.
Office: 328, Extension: 846, Email:   
Baozhong Shan
Assosiate Professor, PhD, Changchun Insti. of Opt. fine Mech.& Phys., Changchun, 1999.
Office: 324, Extension: 845, Email:  
Jindong Tian
Assosiate Professor, PhD, Tianjin University, Tianjin, 2001.
Office: 321, Extension: 843, Email:  
Junle Qu
Assosiate Professor
PhD, Xi’an Insti. of  Opt. Precision  Mech., Chinese Academy of  Sci., Xi’an, 1998.
Office: 321, Extension: 843, Email:  
Junlan Zhou
Assosiate Professor, BS, HeFei University of Technology,1977
Office: 330, Extension: 847, Email: 
Jie Man
Assosiate Professor
Studied and Worked in Dalian University of Technology between 1979 and 1997.
Office: 315, Extension: 860, Email:  
Bin Yu
Assosiate Professor
PhD, Changchun Univ. of Opt. Precision Mech., Changchun, 2003
Office: 339, Extension: 852, Email:  
Kaigei Wang
Assosiate Professor
PhD, Xi’an Insti. of Opt. Precision Mech., Chinese Academy of Sci., Xi’an, 2002.
Office: 339, Extension: 852, Email:   
Yonghong Shao
Assosiate Professor, PhD, Changchun Univ. of Opt. Precision Mech., Changchun, 2004
Office: 339, Extension: 852, Email:  
Hua Liao
Engineer, PhD, Xi’an Insti. of Opt. Precision Mech., Chinese Academy of Sci., Xi’an,2000. Office: 330, Extension: 847, Email: 
Zengqiang Niu
Engineer, MS, University of Tsukuba, Japan, 1998.
Office: 324, Extension: 845, Email: 
Qingqing Li
Engineer, Office: 328, Extension: 846, Email: 
Zhiyong Wang
Engineer, MS, Lanzhou University, 1990.
Office: 339, Extension: 852, Email: 
Bin Zhou
Lecturer, Office: 324, Extension: 845, Email: 
Ruiyou Liu
Engineer, MS, Guangxi University, 2003.
Office: 126, Extension: 827, Email: 
Dongsheng Peng
Lecturer, PhD, Xi’an Insti. of Opt. Precision Mech., Chinese Academy of Sci., Xi’an, 2007
Office: 339, Extension: 852, Email:  
Guiwen Xu
Assistant Professors , MS, Shenzhen University, 2005.
Office: 202, Extension: 820, Email:  
Jinsong Zhang
Engineer, Office: 330 Extension: 847