President of Poznan University Visit Our University
Release Time:2017-12-26

On the morning of October 30th, accompanied by two of his colleagues, Professor Maciej Zukowski, who is the President of Poznan University of Economics in Poland (PUE), visited SZU. Our Vice President Du Hongbiao met with them, together with persons in charge of International Office, College of Economics and College of Management

Firstly, Vice President Du extended his welcome to them and gave them a brief introduction of SZU. He emphasized SZU is a comprehensive university with specialty of Special Zone. It has a complete range of disciplines, and the commitment to internationalization in education is one of our key focuses. He sincerely looked forward to the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities for mutual benefits in the future in areas such as scientific research, teaching, and teacher-tudent exchanges.

          (Vice President Du Hongbiao was presenting Professor Maciej Zukowski the memento of SZU)

Lastly, President Maciej Zukowski of PUE expressed his gratitude for the warm reception. He said that Poznan and Shenzhen are sister cities, and to establish friendly cooperation between PUE and SZU is the trend of this new era. He hoped that this visit would open the door for cooperation, and he believed that the two universities would certainly carry out substantive cooperation projects in the near future and learn from each other.

International Office

October 31st, 2017