A Delegation Led by Deputy Party Secretary Tao Yitao Visited Russia and Ukraine
Release Time:2017-11-08

A delegation led by professor Tao Yitao, deputy party secretary of SZU, went to Russia and Ukraine and some other places for an academic visit from October 9th to 16th, 2017. The visit was to respond to the call of the Education Bureau to promote the key cooperation programs like education connectivity and talent training with countries along the Belt and Road, which are mentioned in the Actions of Joining Hands to Promote the Belt and Road Education. The party consisted of 5 people. They are Huang Yaying, dean of Law School, Li Qiuli, director of the alumni association, Zhou Xiaoqian, vice president of labor union, and a representative from International Office. During their stay there, they made academic visits to some leading scientific research institutions and universities.


On the morning of October 9th, the delegation paid a visit to Scientific Research Institution of Far East in Russia, and talked with Professor Vladimir Portyakov, the deputy director and some scholars who study Chinese issues. Far East Institution is one of the key scientific research institutions of Russian Academy of Sciences. Its research fields include the relationships between the Soviet Union, Russia and China, Japan as well as Korean peninsula. What’s more, it studies the social economic development status, history, philosophy, culture and ethnic problems of the countries mentioned above. It is of great importance both in Russia and around the world.

During the meeting, Professor Tao Yitao highlighted the development of our disciplines, the research of the special economic zone and the cultivation of talents along the Belt and Road countries. While scholars of Far East Institution introduced their recent work about cultural development of China for our delegation in fluent Chinese. They invited professor Tao Yitao and relevant institutions of SZU to write chapter of reform and opening up of China together. Through the meeting, both sides reached an agreement on exchange visits of scholars and building academic research platform together.

On October 10th, the delegation went to visit National normal university of Alamarville, which lies in the south of Russia, Krasnodar Krai, and were warmly welcomed by the university’s students and teachers. National normal university of Alamarville is the first normal university in Krasnodar Krai, which has brought much to local education development since its foundation. It has provided a great many talented teachers to the country. Their students consist of seventy minorities, which shows the feature of nationality, comprehensiveness and multiple levels. During the visit, deputy secretary Tao Yitao signed, on behalf of our university, a cooperation framework agreement with Professor Ambartcum Robertovich Galustov, president of the university and received the local TV station’s interview about the cooperation between China and Russia.


On October 13th and 15th, the delegation led by deputy party secretary Tao Yitao went to Architecture Department of Repin Academy of Fine Arts and Ukraine National Normal University. During the visit in Repin Academy of Fine Arts, professor Tao Yitao specially visited a student named Ding Yu, who is an exchange student of SZU there, and sent the best wishes to him on behalf of SZU.

During their visit in Russia and Ukraine, the delegation not only exchanged the advanced experience on education and scientific research with Russian universities and academic institutions, but also built a share platform of high-quality educational resources, as well as achieved the breakthrough of no academic exchange and cooperation between SZU and Ukraine universities.