President of ITU Paid a Visit to Our University
Release Time:2017-09-30
On the afternoon of September,18th, accompanied by two of his colleagues, Doctor Gregory M. St. L. Obrien, who is the president of International Technological University (ITU), visited SZU. Vice president Du Hongbiao of SUZ met with them in Meeting Room 205. Persons in charge of International Office and College of Computer Science and Software Engineering attended the meeting.

Vice president Du first gave a warm welcome to them and then pointed out the importance of building the friendly relationship between two universities. He hoped that they both could take a further discussion in more specific areas, especially in the area of postgraduate student cultivation.

Doctor O’Brien expressed his deep concern for exchange students in SZU during their summer study here. To his delight, the students enjoyed their stay here. He wished them the best from the bottom of his heart. He said that the perfect location of ITU would be beneficial for students to internships and jobs. The university would also provide more majors. He expressed the hope that both parties reach a deeper agreement not only on student exchange, but on faculty and scientific research project as well.

Lastly, Vice president Du stated that SZU would keep the good cooperation relationship. He looked forward to the further cooperation between both parties so as to promote mutual development and cultivate more and more excellent students.

                                                                                                                                    Edited by International Office