Foreign Affairs Update
Release Time:2017-09-04
On June 28th,Luo Wenzhe, the counselor of the French Embassy in China, whose responsibility is culture and education cooperation paid a visit to SZU in company with General Representative Jean-LucTissier and Consul NiJiedi.Jean-LucTissier is the General Representative from the French Alliance Foundation in China and Mongolia. While NiJiedi is a consul from the French Consulate General in Guangzhou who is in charge of the science and education cooperation.Vice President WangHui of SUZ met with them. Representatives from International Office and School of Foreign Languagesalso attended this meeting.They had a conversation about the co-establishment of French learning center.
France is the first western countryto establish diplomatic relationships with the  People’s Republic of China.The relation between China and France has a huge international influence and strategic importance for both countries, and it has a sound and steady development in recent years.French Alliance Foundation is an organization that aims to spread French and its culture all over the world. It was founded in 1883.From then on,it has already set up nearly one thousand French leagues across up to 130 countries and areas.Apparently,it is an authoritative organization which has international influence.Up till now,French Alliance Foundationhas settled down in 15 cities in China:Peking,Guangzhou,Shanghai,Wuhan,Nanjing,Chengdu,Dalian,Chongqing,Hangzhou,Tianjin,Xi'an,Jinan,Qingdao,Macao,Hongkong.
Counselor Luo Wenzhe's visit aimed to promote the cooperation between SZU and French Alliance Foundation and to facilitate the establishment of French training center in SUZ.The center will provide good-qualityFrench lessons, as well as promote the cultural exchanges between the two countries.
Vice President WangHui agreed with the cooperation proposal.He expressed his      hope to settle down more details and perfect the project from small things to big ones by both parties. He also hoped that this project can be carried out steadfastly
Afterwards,the French delegation and representatives from French department of Foreign Language School had a further discussion on course arrangement and student cultivation in detail. Both parties are looking forward to future cooperation.

On the afternoon of June 27th,Hashimoto Katsu,accompanied by a collogue of his, visited SZU. Mr. Hashimoto Katsu is the managing director of Jikei Group (hereafter JG), which was set up in Osaka in Japan.Vice President WangHui met with them.Representatives from the Health Science Center and International Office also attended this meeting.
At the meeting,Vice President WangHui gave guests a warm welcome for their arrival and introduced some basic information of SZU to them.He expressed thatChina and Japan are neighbors separated only by a strip of water.SZU has established long-term and cooperative relationships with 16 universities in Japan. Hepu Toshiki and Ikeda Daisaku are honorary professors who are hired by SZU specially.
With the jointefforts,the cultural and artistic exchanges and the relations of teenagers between China and Japan enjoy sound development.Hashimoto Katsu,the managing director,expressed that SZU locates in the special economic zone that is a frontier of China’s reform and opening up.With the aggressive reformation and rapid development of Shenzhen,SZU has obtained a great many outstanding achievements.He hoped that the two universities can strengthen cooperation in medical science to seek for progress together.
Afterwards,they also visited the Health Science Center of SZU and talked with its dean togetfurther understanding on issues asrelevantteaching and student cultivation.
JG and SZU reached an agreement on talent cultivation and academic exchange.JG and SZU’s cooperation will start from academic exchange,scientific project cooperation and students' short-term exchangeetc., which will pave the way for future cooperation.

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