Prof. Tao Yitao’s Fruitful Visit to South America
Release Time:2017-06-15

Prof. Tao Yitao’s Fruitful Visit to South America


   From May 12th to 20th, prof. Tao Yitao, prof. Chen Yong and prof. Cheng Hao visited Universidad de Buenos Aires (hereafter “UBA”), Cuban Information Science and Technology University (hereafter “CISTU”) for the cooperation of teachers’ academic visits, personnel training and scientific research after a long flight. Prof. Tao Yitao is our Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission; She is also the Director of the China Special Economic Zone Research Center, as well as the Dean of the Belt and Road Initiative Research Institute. Besides, Prof. Chen Yong is the Dean of our College of Economics, and Prof. Cheng Hao is the Director of the Office of Students’ Affairs.



    In Argentina, Prof. Tao Yitao and her party received a warm welcome. Liu Dongping, the Dean of the Confucius Institute at UBA, went to the hotel and met with them there, and then he accompanied them to visit the History Exhibition Hall and College of Economics of UBA. They have a history over two hundred years and one hundred years respectively.  

    Later on, the Dean of College of Economics Isneri Talavera Bustamante, the Director  Luis Vanmorlegan and the Deputy Director Lic. Silvia Portnoy of International Relations Affairs and some other professors, about 10 people in all, participated in the cooperation ceremony. Furthermore, both SZU and UBA conducted in-depth discussions on the cooperation of teachers’ academic visits, graduate students and postdoctoral students and other high-level personnel training, scientific research projects, especially “the Belt and Road Initiative”, China special economic zones and other aspects. What is more, on the basis of a previously signed cooperation agreement, Colleges of Economics of both sides agreed to further cooperation, promote exchanges, and expand cooperation fields and content.




    After the cooperation ceremony, Prof. Tao Yitao conducted a report entitled “the Historical Contribution and Successful Experience of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on China’s reform and opening up” for the teachers and students present. With a good interaction, the report left a good impression on the representatives.




    In Cuba, Prof. Tao Yitao and her party received a warm reception. At the ceremony, the First Vice President Prof. Raydel Montesino Perurena of CISTU gave them a grand reception and delivered a welcome speech. The Principal Consultant of the President Prof. Rafael Luis TorralbasEspeleta, the Director of the Foreign Affairs Office Abel Diaz Berenguer, and the Dean of the Information Technology Institute Prof. Yanio Hernandez Heredia met with them.

    They conducted in-depth discussions on the cooperation of the exchange of teachers’ academic visits, scientific research platform construction, postdoctoral personnel training and software and communication and special economic zones’ economy, and then they signed a framework cooperation agreement.




    Ms. Isneri Talavera Bustamante, together with prof. delBartolo Garcia Reyes had a talk on cooperation matters with Prof. Tao Yitao and her party. Ms. Isneri Talavera Bustamante is the Vice President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, and prof. EdelBartolo Garcia Reyes is a member of the research team of Cuban National Computer Corporation (that is DATYS, which is responsible for the development of key computer systems in Cuban government, and it is similar to China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, which is responsible for launching of rockets.)


    During the talk, they fully discussed the possible cooperation intention and the cooperation framework of shared laboratory platform, postgraduate training and scholar exchange. In addition, DATYS research team would sent two key researchers recently to our College of Computer and Software for a three-month visit.


    The visit to South America greatly enhanced the foreign exchange and cooperation of our university in every aspect, and helped to improve the international level of SZU and its high level construction. In a word, the visit ended successfully and obtained a good expected effect.