Chairman of Science Union of Nobel Winners Visited SZU
Release Time:2017-04-06

    On the afternoon of March 23rd, R.J. Roberts, Chairman of Science Union of Nobel Winners, visited SZU. President Li Qingquan, Vice President Xu Chen and Professor Ni Jiazuan met with them. Professor Ni is the Honorary Dean of college of Life Sciences and Oceanography. He is also an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Some other superintendents from college of Life Sciences and Oceanography, Talent Office, International Office also attended the meeting.

    President Li Qingquan extended his warm welcome to Sir R. J. Roberts and his fellows, and then gave a brief introduction of SZU. Firstly, he said that SZU have invited more than 100 well-known scientists around the world to give lectures, which greatly contributed to the development of the scientific research of SZU. Secondly, he pointed out that SZU has attached great importance to cultivate and develop young teachers’ scientific research ability.

    In order to encourage young talents to promote innovative research, SZU has given them great support with research platforms and project funds. Thirdly, there are numerous young talents invited to participate basic research of SZU every year, besides, SZU also encourages students to carry out scientific research. Furthermore, he expected to further exchanges and cooperation with Sir R. J. Roberts and his fellows in relevant fields. 

    Later on, R.J. Roberts expressed his appreciation and said that Science Alliance highly valued basic research, though it is a long-term and tough process, we must try our best to do it down-to earth instead of pursuing business interests excessively. He said business opportunities are very accidental, and only when we do basic research well, can we grasp them in time firmly. Moreover, He emphasized that giving young people more space and money and encouraging them to do more basic research had great significance. At last, he analyzed the importance of basic research from the his own chemical field.

    Edited by International Office