Professor Liu Hongyi Received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Federation University Australia
Release Time:2016-11-18

Nov.3rd                  Edited by International Office


On the afternoon of November 1st, the ceremony of professor Liu Hongyi’s awarding of honorary degree from Federation University Australia was held in the library’s lecture hall of Shenzhen Polytechnic. Participants of the ceremony included Dr. Paul Hemming, Honorary president of Federation University Australia, Mr. Dominic Trindade, Consul General of Australia in Guangzhou; Professor Liu Hongyi, chairman of Shenzhen University Council, and many other people concerned.   



The ceremony was hosted by Professor Mike Willis, vice president of Federation University Australia. “The honorary doctorate degree is the highest honor a university can award” , he said, “and it is awarded to people who has served long in universities and made great achievements especially in certain field, and who has outstanding records in his/her career and public life. We offer professor Liu this degree with the intention to honor his prominent achievements in academic, his leadership and the great contribution he has made towards China’s education. This honor also mirrors the history of the long cooperation between Shenzhen Polytechnic and Federation University Australia under his leadership.”


Dr. Paul Hemming, honorary president of Federation University Australia, also delivered a speech. He said that, ”Professor Liu Hongyi is an excellent leader in Chinese higher education institutions, an internationally reputable researcher of Jewish culture and literature, a pioneer to introduce international education cooperation between universities and an advocator of high level teaching, learning, research and university-enterprise cooperation. He sticks to his research on Jewish culture and higher education. He has published 11 monographs and over 70 academic papers, which evidently manifest his consistent pursuit of culture and education research, and his lofty professional morals. Since 2007, Professor Liu has launched a great many reforms. He is the first to bring forth the model of educating students with the humanistic, compound and collaborative approach, and the flexible system of promotion and demotion. Owing to all these reforms, Shenzhen Polytechnic has won many awards, such as Pioneer Unit of National Vocational Education, National Top Ten Innovative Vocational Education; Model Base of the Cultural Industry in Shenzhen and so on. And professor Liu, he himself also won many national and provincial awards. He strives so hard to get Shenzhen Polytechnic involved more in international cooperation. By far Shenzhen Polytechnic has established partnership with over 130 universities abroad. This honorary degree awarded by FUA is in praise of the prominent contribution he has made in China’s Vocational Education and international cultural research.


Liu Hongyi received the Honorary Doctorate Degree granted by Dr. Paul Hemming. 


Professor Liu Hongyi said he was much honored to be awarded this degree, for it was the first time that Federation University Australia granted the Honorary Doctorate Degree to a scholar from mainland China. He also said that this honor is not only a praise for his personal academic achievements, educational ideas and administration, but for his team and its excellent achievements in the fields as reformation, innovation, education and internationalization made by Shenzhen Polytechnic as well. As a new alumnus of Federation University Australia, and main leader of Shenzhen Polytechnic, professor Liu said he would, as always, continually promote the cooperation between the two universities, and spare no effort to realize the resource sharing, mutual complement and mutual development. Federation University Australia is one of the three time-honored universities in Australia, and is also one of the most outstanding universities in Australia. Professor Liu, as the present leader of Shenzhen University, is willing to expand the cooperation with Federation University Australia. Shenzhen University is a comprehensive university with the longest history in Shenzhen, and boasts its comprehensive disciplines, perfect facilities, outstanding faculty and normative management. The past few years have witnessed SZU’s rapid development and its broad influence, which provide great possibility for both universities to cooperate with each other. Liu hopes that Federation University Australia, Shenzhen Polytechnic and Shenzhen University can work hand in hand to achieve bright prospects.