International Office serves as a bridge of Shenzhen University to link its overseas reaches, as well as Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan in terms of cooperation of higher education. Through International Office, the university fulfils broad range of international missions, such as establishment of foreign partnerships, developing international programs, recruitment of foreign language teachers and teachers for special courses, assisting and overseeing inbound and outbound visiting academics, etc.

To undertake its responsibilities, International Office consists of several divisions under the director and the deputy director.

Tel: +755-26531715

Deputy Director
Tel: +755-26733216

Division of International Business Trip Administration
Assisting and overseeing outbound visiting academics of Shenzhen University.
Tel: +755-26733468

Division of Exchange Students of Partner Universities (incoming) 
Assisting exchange students of partner universities in their arrival, orientation, accommodation, etc.    
Tel: +755-26536108
Exchange program(outgoing)Tel:+86-755-26536108

Division of Foreign Teachers Affairs
Recruiting foreign language teachers (English, Japanese, Korean mainly) and some course teachers requiring English as teaching language, such as International Trade and International Law, etc. Assisting foreign teachers in accommodation and help solve other relevant living problems.
Tel: +755-26534889

Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Affairs
Assisting the director in dealing with inter-university affairs with higher education in HK, Macau, or Taiwan region
Tel: +755- 86932202

Contacts: Rm.335,321, Office Building, Shenzhen University
Nanhai Rd.3688, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China. 518060