Foreign Affairs Journal--November, 2016
Release Time:2016-12-27

Foreign Affairs Journal


            December 1st, 2016                          Edited by International Office


Featured Events

u  Delegation of the President from Australian Federal University visited SZU.

u President Li Qingquan led a delegation to visit UK universities.

u  SZU signed a memorandum of cooperation with the University of Portsmouth.

u  President of the University of Almaville, Russia visited SZU.

u  Vice-Chancellor of the Central University of Lancashire visited SZU.

u SZU signed a memorandum of cooperation with Deutsche University of Business and Information Technology.

u  President of Han Kyung National University, Korea visited SZU.


News Update

On Nov. 1st , Paula Gilbert, Dean of the School of Continuing Education, Duke University, and his team visited SZU. Related personnel from International Office met with the guests. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement on summer courses.


On Nov. 2nd, Delegation from Russian Federation of Kazan University visited our school and discussed cooperation programs with representatives from International Office and Computer and Software Institute.


On Nov. 2nd , Dr. Paul Hemming, President of the Australian Federal University, paid a visit to SZU. Vice President Liu Hongyi and Vice President Du Hongbiao met with the visiting guests. Related personnel from International Office, Nantes School of Business, School of Foreign Languages participated in the forum.


On Nov. 2nd, Prof. Qian Zhiwei from Delft University of Technology visited the School of Civil Engineering and delivered a lecture on "Studying Concrete Materials from a Multi-scale Perspective".


On Nov. 4th, President Li Qingquan led a delegation to visit the University of Edinburgh, Cambridge University and Oxford University, and signed a cooperation framework agreement with the above universities.


On Nov. 7th, A delegation from the Faculty of Education in the University of the Arts of Thailand visited SZU. Relevant persons in charge from International Office, Higher Education Research Institute held a seminar on the management education of the special economic development zone.


On Nov. 7thDr. Chris Chang, Vice President of University of Portsmouth, UK, paid a visit to SZU. Vice President Li Jun met with the visiting guests. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement and exchanged views on Internet information security and joint training of doctorates. And related persons from International Office attended the meeting.


On Nov. 8th, Mr. Terence Patterson, CEO of the Memphis Urban Committee, was invited by the China-US Youth Elite Program. The guests had a seminar with representatives, teachers and students included, and related persons from International Office, the School of Urban Planning on the process of urbanization in China and the development of urban planning.


On Nov. 10th, The US-China Consumer Protection Forum, jointly organized by the Yale Law School Paul Tsai China Center (PTCC), the Law School of Shenzhen University and the Center for Regulation and Public Policy Research of Shenzhen University, was successfully held at Yale University.


On Nov. 11th, the Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Kelati, visited SZU.


On Nov. 14th , Ms. Milly Ingate from the University of Western Australia, Australia, visited SZU, and discussed cooperation programs with the International Office, School of Electronic Science and Technology, and School of Materials Science.


On Nov. 14th, Party Secretary Liu Hongyi went to Taiwan to attend a symposium and visited Taiwan universities. The 18th Cross-strait Symposium on Applied Higher Education was held at the Jianguo University of Science and Technology in Changhua, Taiwan. Liu and his team of four were invited to attend the meeting. They were also invited to visit five universities in Taiwan, such as Chihli University of Science and Technology, Kainan University, Central University, Longhua University of Science and Technology and Jianguo University of Science and Technology to further strengthen inter-school cooperation with Taiwan universities.


On Nov. 15th, Galustov Hambardzum R., President of the University of Almaville, Russia, visited SZU, Tao Yitao, secretary of the school party, met with the guests. The two sides carried out negotiations on students’ project cooperation, and academic exchange visits. Related persons from International Office participated in the talks.


On Nov. 16th , Prof. Charles Angelroth, Minister of Social Services of the University of Namur, Belgium, and Professor Jacques Verly of the University of Liege, Belgium, visited SZU. Representatives from International Office, School of Computer and Software, and School of Mechatronics and Control Engineering attended the meeting. The two sides discussed topics such as the 3D printing technology, Virtual Reality and so on.

On Nov. 16th, Mr. Tim Steele, Vice-Chancellor of Lancashire University, visited our university, Vice President Du Hongbiao met with the guests. The two sides discussed the further development of university-level projects, and the continual development of students between the two schools.


On Nov. 16th , Professor Jaren, Dean of the School of Law, from City University of Hong Kong gave a lecture entitled "Impact of Europe on UK Consumer Contract Law".


On Nov. 17th, Mr. Cameron Caja, from the University of Arkansas, visited our university and discussed cooperation programs with the relevant persons from International Exchange and Cooperation Department, School of Mechatronics and Control Engineering and School of Computer and Software.


On Nov. 18th, Prof. You Zongbing, Associate Professor from Tulane University, USA, gave a lecture titled "IL-17-MMP7-EMT Axis as Potential Druggable Target" in School of Medicine.


On Nov. 18th , University of Business and Information Technology signed a memorandum of cooperation with SZU.


On Nov. 20th , Academician Yang Peidong of The United States National Academy of Sciences, and American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Liu Jie, tenured professor of Duke University, and Professor Zhang Hua from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore visited SZU and the Joint International Laboratories of the Ministry of Education which is featured on two-dimensional optical material science and technology and carried out negotiations with representatives from relevant institutes.


On Nov. 21st, Dr. Stephen J. Wright, Associate Dean from Northern Arizona University, USA, visited School of Management, and gave a lecture entitled "Secrets of Successful Learning in American Higher Education and American Universities".


On Nov. 21st, Prof. Jonathan Webster, from Hong Kong City University, gave a lecture entitled "Exploring the Possibility of Language Art and Language Science" at the School of Foreign Languages.


On Nov. 22nd , Mr. Zhao Jialong, President of Pusan Optoelectronics Education and Development Institute of Korea, visited our school and held talks with the leaders of International Office, School of Foreign Languages and the Pioneer Park.


On Nov. 22nd, Prof. Beomseok Tae, President of Hanjing National University of Korea, visited our school and President Li Qingquan attended the meeting. At the meeting, President Li Qingquan signed an inter-school memorandum of understanding with President Beomseok Tae. SZU has formally established a cooperative relationship with Korea Han Kyung National University. The cooperation between the two universities will start from the short-term student exchange program.


On Nov. 22nd , Chairman of the Board of the New Era College of Malaysia, Dr. Ye Xintian visited SZU and held talks with representatives from International Office, International Exchange College, and Teachers College.


On Nov. 23rd, Associate Professor Zhang Jingyao from Nagoya City University of Japan visited School of Civil Engineering, and gave a lecture entitled "Evaluation of Structural Performance by Dynamic Tests Practice"


On Nov. 24th, Students from our university participated in the Third Guangdong Outstanding Student Travelling to Lingnan Activity. Students from Shenzhen University, Sun Yat-sen University, Jinan University, and Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc., were invited to participate in the exchange activities between the two sides of the Guangdong-Taiwan Cooperation Exchange Program. The event has been successfully held twice. Nearly 100 people from 8 Guangdong colleges and universities attended this year's Lingnan line of activities.


On Nov. 24th, Dr. Zhu Qiang of the University of Nevada, USA, gave a lecture entitled "Structural Prediction Based on Quantum Mechanics Evolutionary Algorithm: From Complex Crystal to Crystal Defects" at the School of Electronic Science and Technology.


On Nov. 28th, Dr. Zhang Nan from the University of Melbourne, Australia, gave a lecture entitled "Some Reinsurance Optimization Problems with Risk Management" at the School of Mathematics and Statistics.


On Nov. 29th, Representatives from Kyeong-In Women’s University of Korea visited SZU and talked with representatives from International Office.